Doctor Who 50th Anniversary - China Glaze Frostbite

I'm VERY exciting today, because it's the 50th anniversary of my loved sci-fi serie, Doctor Who. Tonight, BBC shall broadcast a special episode with two Doctors, Matt Smith (the current Doctor, Eleventh) and his companion, Clara, and David Tennant ♥ (the former Doctor, Tenth) and the lovely Rose (she is the best companion ever. EVER.). In a single episode we shall have The Uncoming Storm and the Raggedy Doctor.
This is CRAZY!!!
I can't wait until tomorrow!

For this reason, today I choose to show you a blue nail polish. A very special one (not like Mourinho), a oldie but goldie TARDIS blue shade: Frostbite.
(The TARDIS is the Doctor's Spaceship, of course. And it's bigger on the inside, of course)
Frostbite is in the SKI collection of 2007 Fall/Winter. It's a two coats cobalt blue with a subtle shimmer, less subtle than in my photos. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry (cit.).
I show you this shade here, for the September Tri Polish Challenge.
I think it is the almost perfect TARDIS blue I have (just a little bit lighter).

I'm not afraid to say I'm a whovian. A real one. I'm scared about this fashion love for this tv show, because Doctor Who is not fashion, is not an handsome guy that travels whit his companions in time and relative dimension in space (yup, this is what exactly means TARDIS). It's a gorgeous serie with gorgeous characters.
I must admit I'm caught between the fluffy moments and the beautiful characters of this tv show. I L O V E the Doctor, his curiosity, his kindness, his joy of life, his loneliness and his fight against evil to save and protect every person in need. This world needs heroes. And the next door hero is the best choice you can do. Stop pretend to save the world! Do it. Every single day whit every single action. Be kind. Be brave. Be proud. Again, and again, and again.
Do you love Doctor Who? Do you love SF?
I'm waiting, patiencely, to watch this special episode. And you?
Let's chat about it. Is there some whovians here? Some REAL whovians, please. Say "Hello!" in the comments below, and we shall chat about our beloved Doctors and his fab companions.

Calm water and gently laughter till next we meet


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