Dancing in September Contest

In my mind September is always been a strange month. September means transformation, twist, and change. From the hot summer we drift into a rainy autumn, soft and light as air. Or as a dance step, if you please. Today, September has started with a huge rainstorm over my country, ending in this bizarre way the strangest summer I've ever seen.
But we are not here only to say goodbye summer and welcome autumn.
Today starts my first challenge here on The Happy Beauty Case, and I'm so happy and proud about it, that I was looking forward the occasion to share the news with you. 
I hope you’ll like my idea and you’ll join the contest in large numbers!

The winner takes it all a nail polish, of course… but which one?
It’s very simple to answer: an holo. An HTF holo. Back from the blessed OMG Collection, the prize is China Glaze BFF.

I have found this bottle all alone on the shelves of my China Glaze retailer, last week, and I had to get it. It’s a pink base linear holo, even if in the bottle it seems to have a brownish shade. I already own a bottle of BFF in my treasure chest. This is a brand new bottle, purchased for the challenge. I want to state it here out loud. In the previous picture you can see the two bottles of BFF I've got. Mine is that on the right, the left one is the prize, with the removable sticker on the cap.
I took the following photos last July. This is how BFF appears on direct sunlight.

You could win a bottle of BFF entering my Contest.

The Rules are:
1)   The contest is open from September 1st to September 30th. Results shall be announced on October 4th.  The winner will be declared by me. I do not use Rafflecopter or something like that.

2)   You must create a brand new nail art inspired by the Earth, Wind and Fire song “September”. You can do whatever you want. Feel free to listen the song, watch the video and create something wearable. 

3)   Send me a photo of your nail art via e-mail to thebeautycasestaff [AT] gmail [dot] com with  “Dancing in September Contest” as object. Don’t forget to add the link of your blog! 

4) The Contest will be declared open with at least three competitors. I'll made a guest post for every competitor.

5) A limit of one entry is allowed per competitor. You may not use different alias, or send me more than one nail art.

6)   You should be blogging about your idea. It’s not allowed to share your nail art only on facebook/twitter/tumblr. If you want share the contest, please, feel free to do it. But please don’t base your entry only on social networks.

7)   The Contest is open to all 18 years old bloggers living in Europe. I’m sorry, but this freaking collection is really hard to find here in Europe, so I want to give the chance to someone who lives in those countries.

8)   Due to international crisis and mail limitations, I cannot send the prize to following Countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, UK. Please, do not enter in this contest if you live in one of this countries OR there's particular rules about shipment in your country.

9)   I’ll send the prize with a flat rate as soon as possible with the best love and care I can. Anyway, I’m not responsible for any losts, damage or whatever due to Italian or European mail service.

10)  You've not to add my blog to your blogroll, or myself on your circle on g+, but if you’ll be so kind to do that, I’ll really appreciate it.


This product is purchased by me. 
I have no connection with China Glaze or China Glaze Italian retailer. 
This contest is open from September 1st to September, 30th only to 18 years old living in Europe bloggers. 
I shall not responsible of any lost, damage or missing due to Italian or European mail service.

That's all, mates!
I hope you shall enter in this Contest. I find it a nice way to say «Hello September!» and cheer these last days of summer, don't you agree?
Join in, everybody is welcome!
Have a nice day and thank you for stopping by!

EDIT (07.09.2014)
We have four competitors! The contest is open!

 Acque pacate e dolci risate finché non ci rincontreremo

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