Marimekko Unikko inspired nail art

Happy Sunday!
Today I want to share with you something I loved at very first sight.

I'm talking about the Unikko pattern from Marimekko.
Marimekko is a finnish brand estabilished in 1951 to bring "something new, unique and beautiful in Finland". I love their design, because they remind me some Naj-Oleari pattern. I stumbled upon Unikko (means 'poppy' in finnish) this summer during the celbrations for the 50th anniversary. Couldn't I fall in love with something poppy-related?
No. Of course I don't.

Courtesy of Marimekko

Nail Polish I used:
China Glaze White Out
China Glaze Shower Together
China Glaze Bahamian Escape
NYC 001 Black Ink

This pattern is SO easy to replicate, because you don't have to be very precise, and I think it's better if the flowers have a natural (and a little bit messy) shape. It's easy to do even for beginner. The secret is have fun and be creative. If you don't trust your skills, make some sketch using crayons over a piece of paper. And do not forget to leave enough room for the stalks! 

I made a full manicure (even on my right hand) because this pattern is also very easy to do with your non dominant hand. Just take your time, avoid to drink coffee before start painting your nails and do not forget your top coat!
That's all, Folks!

Nice even on short nails, it isn't?
Did you know Marimekko?Do you like Unikko pattern?

I know, I have took a gazillion of photos, but this time I'm very proud of my work (and I have recieved so many compliments from people. They stared at my fingers saying "So. Nice!"). Have a little patience with my ego. Tomorrow it shall come down, as usual.
Thank you for stopping by and have a nice sunday.
So Long and Thank for All the Fish

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