Most Loved - Summer Edition

Good evening mates,
today is the last day of summer and I want to share with you the products I loved in the past three months. It's the first time I make this genre of post, and I'm not sure if it could be really helpful, but, alas, trying to do something new is the only way to discover if the news suit on us. Or, as they say that.
(I know, I'm writing in english. Again. Practice makes perfect, etc etc., and I really want mastering this crazy language!)


This summer I purchased Kiko's Cleansing Face Brush, to clean more deeply my face. It works! You must use it with foam cleaning soaps, and brush it gently over your face. Mostly recomended if you have a combination skin like me.
Essence My Skin Lychee and Blue Grape is a super light day cream. It dries very fast and the texture is like a mousse. Very useful when the days are hot and sunny. It's very cheap and cruelty free.
Nivea Aqua Effect are make up remove tissues, very soft and perfect to remove the make up on the eye zone. I must wash my face after using them, but my skin doesn't dry out or even get sore.
Lancôme Visionnaire is actually a sample (a big one, in my huble opinion), that is designed to re-texturize the look of skin, refine and correct the appearance of wrinkles, pores and uneven skin texture. It's not a miracle serum, of course, but works. You should use it day and night, and after four weeks you could see the results. I didn't use it for 4 weeks, of course, but it works from the beginning! I'm glad to own this sample, because is a very expensive product (96 euros for 30 ml...) and this price isn't affrodable at all!


I purchased two hardeners: Kiko Strong Nails and Duri Rejuvacote. I tried both, and they work very well, but Kiko's hardener works perhaps too much. My nails grown too strong and no flexible, so I broke my nails twice. Use it only for a week.
e-nail is a cuticle remover foam, to use directly on cuticle area. I just wait five minutes, push back my cuticles with an orange stick, and wash away the foam. Ta-dah!
essence studio nails extra mosturizing nail balm is a water-based cream that hydrates nails and cuticle I apply a small amount and gently massage. That's it. I hope is not became a discontinued product... 


I have some problems with suntan, but even if I don't love the sun I must protect my skin from UV rays. Even in the city. So I use an aftersun balm, Bilboa Doposole, with coccoa butter, that hydrates my skin.
Vape Derm Herbal is a needful help against mosquito's bites. It's a gel that instantanely calm the itchy feeling (and you do not scratch your skin, spreading infection).
I have already blogging about Vichy AquaDestock. You could find my honest review here.


I have already talking about Scholl's Velvet Soft. You could read the review here


I like Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners. I discovered this line, Honey, I'm strong (in Italy has been called Forti e Nutriti, meaning Strong and Healty), in my local drugstore, and I want to try it. Lovely smell, and it seems to work. I know, Herbal essences are not naturals at all, and beloging to P&G, is not a cruelty free line, but my headskin doesn't feel itchy. I would try some cruelty free shampoos, but they are too expensive and I need to wash my hair thrice in a week.
Would you suggest me a cruelty free brand for shampoo and hair conditioners, please?

I hope this post could be useful for someone.
Did you purchased some of these products? How was your experience about? 
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment form below the post.
Have a nice day!!
 Acque pacate e dolci risate finché non ci rincontreremo

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