31 Day Challenge 2014 #18 Vintage Halfmoon

Happy Saturday!!
Today it's time to share with the halfmoon, a kind of nail art that is not my cup of tea. I like halfmoons, but not on my nails, because I have a square shape, and I think halfmoon fits better over a round one.
So, the post of today shall be very short. Because I didn't took a gazilion of photos, and because it's Saturday. And this means shopping time!!

Nail Polishes I used:

I told you last week that I have found Pupa Velvet Matt Collection at 2,90 euro and I have purchased three shades. I share with you two of them, the black and the red wine, and I thought they match together very well in a perfect fall manicure.
As I have said earlier, I like to see halfmoon over someone else nails, but not on mine. Because the shape. But I have done a try manis. I used Pupa Lasting Color (blah blah blah) Wine as base, and Pupa Lasting Color (blah blah blah) as second colour. I used some french manicure guides posing them on the back of my nails (over the cuticle area), but my guides failed me (I think that the glue was a little bit dry), so I've to fix the bug freehand.
It was a very bad idea. The worst idea I ever had!

I think I shall do an halfmoon manicure again, because the pattern is nice and delicate, and because I love vintage manis. But should be better shape my nails in the right form, before making a second attempt.
Now I have to go to clean my house and to make my homemade pizza, because tonight we have friends for dinner. Have a nice weekend and thank for stopping by!
Acque pacate e dolci risate finché non ci rincontreremo

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