31 Day Challenge 2014 #28 Hanabi


The 31 DC is going to the end and I feel some pressure over my shoulders, and the result is I bite off more that I can chew. I chosen to be inspired by japanese flag, because my generation has grown up watching anime on telly and reading mangas. I have studied japanese for four years before I have thrown in the towel (and afterall, I've met my future husband at our very first japanese lesson). Japan is an interesting country, rich of mythology, folklore, beauty, particular easthetic spleen, unbereable contraddictions and a melodious language.  
I hope we shall visit soon these beautiful islands pulled up by Izanagi's spear.

Nail Polish I used:
Amarena #04
Amarena #08
NYC #134 Pinestripe White

I saw this tutorial on My Simple Little Pleasures's channel on YouTube and I screamed "This shall be PERFECT for the japanese flag!!!". But. I must make more practice with water marble technique before attempt such a task!
These so-called stars reproduce the movement of imperial flag (until the end of WWII) when the wind blows, or the hanabi, as japanese people call firework. Hanabi means flower made with fire, litterally, and I have chosen this word for my nail art
I poured in a cup of room temperature fresh water my nail polishes following this string: white, pink and red.

I found Amarena's nail polishes in a drower of my Helmers. I barely remember them, because I have purchased them during summer sales 3 or 4 (maybe 5!!) years ago and I discovered them only past week. Amarena was a cosmetic brand for Beauty Point, an high-brand cosmetics franchising here in Rome. This was one of the cheapest brand they sold. I remember I have purchased four or maybe five nail polishes at 2 euros each, but their cost was more higher (5 euros each bottle, maybe?).
Anyway, Amarena doesn't produce make up anymore, but only cosmetics caskets (Raffy the Giraff, Serena the Whale, Gabry the Zebra and Lilly the Sheep). I don't know why.

These nail polishes are not too bad. They are two crèmes, two coats for full coverage, and they are so vivid. The pink one (04) is too much to handle for me, because it's too flashy, compared to my skintone, but I think I shall use it in my next water marble attempts.
The red one (08) is gorgeous. is a vivid lobster red, very sunny and bright, and matches heavenly with my skintone. This beauty deserves his own post, don't you agree?

And time's up, mates. I'm gonna take my medecins, 'cause my flu doesn't want leave me (and I'm sick of her!!), and take a rest under a warm blanket.
Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day!

Acque pacate e dolci risate finché non ci rincontreremo

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