31 Day Challenge 2014 #17 «See you, space cowgirl...»

I grew up watching western movies (and spaghetti western too) because my father is a big fan of this genre of movies, but in my heart I dreaming about the space. There's no much difference between western epopea and space opera. They are both a romantic version of the lonely knight, traveling searching adventures. If Lancelot travels into Brocelande forest, a cowboy does the same thing through the meadows, and the spaceman through the space.
I think in the open space there's  room for a girl too, don't you agree? Because Han Solo needs a woman. Forget Princess Leia, please!
And if I was a spacegirl (or a space cowgirl or the Han Solo's finacée) I'm pretty sure I would wear something like this mani, a simple french manicure with glitters, but in futuristic colours: grey!

Nail Polish I used:

Frankie ♥ Cinderella
China Glaze Liquid Crystal

Frankie ♥ Cinderella is a franken polish. It's a grey shade (or a dusty light blue?) with a lovely silver shimmer, more visible under direct sunlight. I made it mixing an old light grey eye-shadow with clear polish. It's very old (2008 or 2009, maybe?) and I like it so much.
I've already shared with you China Glaze Liquid Crystal. It needs some drops of top coat, because is a little bit scratchy; I didn't use tc to preserve the lovely matt finish of Cinderella, but I suggest you to do it.

I hope you like my space french manicure! Glitters are funny and very shiny, but I don't love it so much because they spread everywhere during the removal phase. I own a peel-off base, but I forget to use it many times (read: everytime).
Thanks for stopping by my space and have a nice day!

Acque pacate e dolci risate finché non ci rincontreremo

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