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Hi mates!
Today I've chosen to follow Meliney's tutorial about Halloween Nails inspired by Sailor Suits.
As I said two days ago, I love Japan and I'm an anime fan. I know, we are called otaku, but please don' t use this word because an otaku is a person who lives into his own home only to watch anime, read mangas, collect gashapons, statues etc etc. Her social life is internet-based, and she doesn't have any interest a part or any contact with real life. Being a real otaku isn't a cool stuff, 'cause it's quite a pathology.
I'm an anime fan. And I must say that if I started wear colorful nail polishes twenty years ago (Oh. Jeez!) it's all Sailor Moon's fault.

Nail Polishes I used:
Base coat: Orly Tough Cookie
White: China Glaze Snow
Because I have used many colours, I prefere make a list, finger by finger (or Sailor by Sailor, if you like it):

Thumb (Ai Mizuno/Sailor Mercury)
Kiko 295 Cerulean Blue
Layla CE 82 Anise in love

Index (Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon)
Kiko 336 Electric Blue
Essie Flirty Fuchsia
China Glaze Champagne Bubbles

Medium (Rei Hinoo/ Sailor Mars)
Layla CE 07
Zoya Indigo

Ring (Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter)
Layla 110
Sinful Colors Cotton Candy

Pinkie (Minako Aino/Sailor Venus)
Kiko 280 Orange
Kiko 336 Electric Blue

When Sailor Moon anime series reached Italy, I fell in love not with the story itself because Usagi was a real pain in the ass, a crybaby with a beautiful fiancée able to stay over a street lamp throwing roses and saying "It's up to you, Sailor Moon!".
I hate this kind of character, do you?
But I loved at the very first sight sailor's nail polishes. So vivid. So bright! I know, that idea followed sentai's rules (if you don't know what a sentai is, google it!), but, who cares? I LOVE see the nails changing just before transformation starts! And I started wearing vivid nail polishes too. Today is easier, thanks to Kiko and others illuminated brands, but twenty years ago (Tick Tock goes the clock...), wasn't easy at all. Only Layla had colorfull nail polishes in her's palette, almost shimmer but nevermind. Nowadays, if I see a nail polish that seems to me quite similar to sailor senshi's ones, I say myself "Mhhh, quite Minako style..." or "Just like Michiru's...".


Maybe I AM an otaku, afterall!

This manicure is very easy to do. It's basically a serie of colorfull french tips. Meliney does the central ribbon with a pair of studs and a golden pearl, but I don't have any of these, so I painted them by hand. And the Usagi's brooch seems to me very similar to a boiled egg. Sorry, Usako!
I don't wear any costume on Halloween's night, because I like toasts, celebrations and parties, but Halloween is not an italian tradition. We have Carnival for masquerades. If someone would disguise herself as a Sailor Senshi, I suggest to follow this tutorial.

Courtesy of

And this is a bonus.
For the 20th Sailor Moon anniversary, Bandai released a TON of collectibles. There's also a set of five nail polishes (every colour matches with the uniform of the Inner Sailor Senshi) created by Creer Beauté and sold only on Premium Bandai. Because nail polishes contain alchool, they aren't sold internationally.
What a shame!
I hope you liked my Sailor Moon manicure. If you want to see some beautiful manicures about Sailor Soldiers, check out the blogs of my nail polish pals Ere and Silvia Lace!

Take care and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Acque pacate e dolci risate finché non ci rincontreremo

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