31 Day Challenge 2014 #4 Private Francine

Happy Saturday!!
Today is my name-day (or I must say, my Saint's-name?), and here in Italy we are used to pay a drink to our friends. Just pretend I have paied a pair of virtual drink to everyone, ok?
For the daily episode of 31 Day Challenge I made an obvious green pattern, the camouflage.
I don't like wearing camouflage clothes, because since my middle school days it was the pattern loved by that kind of people want to pretend to be strong and tough (and in my humble opinion they are not.) in every moment of their life. After Jean Claude Van Damme movies, many guy starting wear camo t-shirts, camo trousers, camo bandanas (GoOd Lord, why even bandanas?!) even if they go to school or go for a walk in the park.
Sometimes I feel like Auntie May...

Nail polishes I used:

Maybelline ColorShow 305 Taupe it Up
Holika ♥ Holika 15
Essie The More The Merrier
Kiko 297 Acid Green

I followed the Demelza's tutorial (how CUTE is her cat?), making my own jungle camo pattern whit a tiny dotter. I fear I suffer an horror vacui syndrome, 'cause even in this case I fulfill almost the space.
I suggest you to start with the medium green shade, and then adding darker tones. The last color to add is the pale gray (or the lightest you have chosen for your camouflage palette), making some light spots.
Be careful, and add some details at once.
You could make some mess. Just don't forget the clean up step!
Add some top coat, and you have done!

Do you like camouflage pattern? Do you wear it?
I don't, but this nail art has been a moment of pure relax. Imagine a cat lady with her fatty furry purring helper on the left side, and a hot cup of tea on the other.
What a peace!
I hope you like my nail art as much as I enjoy doing it. And I enjoy it very much 'cause it's so EASY to do. I'm a lazy lady.
Thank for stopping by and have a nice day. See you tomorrow!
 Acque pacate e dolci risate finché non ci rincontreremo

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