Bare your pink claws!- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I did it! Last Sunday I have said I was afraid I could'n made any nail art for Breast Cancer Awareness. I was disappointed, because this is a very big cause to join, something every woman on Earth should stand up and fight against. Even helping sisters touched by the desease. Giving them hope, and joy, and a placeful life, as much as possible.
I know that my manicure shall not cure them, or give them help. But I badly want to be part of this movement. And say, out loud, fuck you, cancer!

I know that the sentence should be "show your teeth!", but it doesn't  easily apply in this case. So let's use this old formula. Because my nails are quite bare (ok, they could seem bare if my skintone was a little more coffee-toned, but turn an eye blind, ok?, and pretend that it be. Use your imagination!), but with fluo pink tips. And tiger pattern. Devil is in the detail, afterall.

Nail Polish I used:
China Glaze Rose among thorns
NYC #134 Pinstripe White
NYC Nail Art Creation 001 Black Ink
Skin Food BR608

I painted my nails with three coats of Skin Food BR608, a curious nail polish I had purchased four years ago in Seoul. It was a pink toned nail polish - like a raw calf veal, if you know what I mean - and four years after it turns... like a Starbucks latte! Unbelievable. I must write a post about this strange nail polish. I like how the colour turns out, but it's very strange. very very strange.
I drew french lines freehand using Pinestripe White. After that step, I used China Glaze Rose amongs Thorns. Whit a black striper, I simply added tiger's lines. And I used top coat to seal my work. That's all.

I didn't worn french manicure for a couple of years, because I have done it for at least five years. I have worned gel nalis, so every month I saw that subtile white line at the end of my nails... and I have endend up to hate it. But I think that french manicure is also very elegant and classy. I know, an appeal shall lie, but... sometimes... lies are allowed, don't you agree?

Breast Cancer can be defeated. And this is not a lie. Early diagnosis can saves your life. Take care of you is taking care of your loved-ones: children, husbands, wives, parents, dogs, cats...
Talk with your gynecologist and make a breast scan test every year and a mammography every two years after you turned 40.
I'm not a doctor and Thanks God I didn't have any case of breast cancer into my family or my parent's family. I have simply worked into a gynecologist office for ten years and in this time I have seen many cases of cancer. Desease could makes you feel sad. Angry. Scaried. But don't be afraid. It's a war you MUST win. You have to fight, but the good news is you are not alone.

The Fondazione Umberto Veronesi have started Pink is Good project. Click on the link and you will be redirected on home page, where you can find every answer you'll need.
In Italy October is also the month of mental deseases awareness. There's a lot of opportunities to get in contact with psycologists, and don't be afraid of them. You need someone who listen your thoughts, your worries, your reflections. And your family too.

An huge hug.


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