31 Day Challenge 2014 #12 Déco Stripes

Happy Columbus Day!!!
Sometimes the striping tape is the right answer (or the clever solution, if you please) for our troubles.
But sometimes we couldn't  realize what we have planned to do, because this is a cruel world.
This is one of those case. I would like to create some déco-oriented pattern, with a shiny light green base and a darker shade (a bottle green one).
But it seems to me I was born with two left hands...

Nail Polishes I used:

Sephora by OPI Dark Room

This is a super easy nail art to do.
Over two coats of Debby Colorplay, I placed some pieces of striping tape making a crisscross pattern. I used two coats of SOPI Dark Room, a dark bottle green purchased during my honeymoon on New York City, five years ago, and I have removed the tape immediatly after I have recap the nail polish bottle.
But on my medium finger I completely misplaced the striping tape, and I have noticed it once I removed the tape.

I like the idea and how the two kind of finish matches together. I don't like how my idea appears on the medium (How fast my medium's nails grows?!), but it's ok. Nobody is perfect, right?

I hope you like my misplaced déco nails as much as I enjoy working on them. And I enjoy it very much 'cause it's so EASY to do. I'm a lazy lady.
Thank for stopping by and have an happy Columbus Day, ladies! See you tomorrow!

 Acque pacate e dolci risate finché non ci rincontreremo

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