31 Day Challenge 2014 #3 News from the bee-hive

Since my highschool days, one of my nickname is "bee", because my family name matches perfectly with the main character's name of a  very popular cartoon at that time. It's the saaaaaaaaad story of a pooooooor little bee that make a journey to find his mother and protect her (and the bee-hive too) against the cruel yellow jackets and wasps and...
Today no one of my friends use that nickname ('cause I think it doesn't suits on me. I don't like bees!), only my best friend (and her's mother too), sometimes, calls me "bee".
It' a sad story, it isn't?

Nail polishes I used:

OPI I Just Can't A Cope-Acabana
Lollipops Dark Elixir

I just painted my nails with OPI I just can't a cope-a cabana, and I have applied some funky guides for french manicure (essence guides) and I layered two coats of Lollipops Dark Elixer. Then I removed the guides with a pair of twizzers.

... but the top coat spoiled my nail art! Gosh, Batman!
I imagined this manicure as a wasp pattern, 'cause wasp has a tiny waistline, even if it is more dangerous than little bee. It's always a good idea not handle a bee or a wasp. Don't you agree?

I hope you like my bbzzzzbbbzzzz bee's nails as much as I enjoy working on them.
Thank you for stopping by and see you soon tomorrow!
Have a nice day and a nice weekend!

Acque pacate e dolci risate finché non ci rincontreremo

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