31 Day Challenge 2014 #9 90's Fluo Roses

Hi my dear ladies!
I love roses from the bottom of my heart as I showed you here, and in an couple of post on my blog. Today it's time to share something colourful, because the theme of the day is Rainbow. I saw this tutorial on temperani's space, and I wanted to replicated it as soon as possible. So, guess what?, I try did it. On my way.

Nail Polishes I used:
Frankie Françoise (pink)
Frankie Chantal (light blue)
Frankie Eloise (green)
Frankie Sophie (violet)
Frankie Vic (yellow)

The tutorial I follow starts with stamping some white roses over a black base. I have chosen to draw roses on my nails because I don't have any roses plate to stamp. So I took a very sharpen pencil and I drew a couple of roses for each nail.
When my roses were dry, I used the Frankie Watercolours. 
Frankie? What is this?
Frankie is not a brand. Frankie is how I call my franken polishes, because Frankie is for FRANKen and because Frankie is also a nickname for Francine (that is actually a nickname, but, alas, turn an eye blind, please). I don't have some polishes to use as temperani does, and OPI Sheer Tints are too expensive for me (and I don't found them here in Italy. Do you? Would you tell me where, please?), so I made my own and I called them Watercolour.
(They are NOT for sale and they are NOT dupes of OPI Sheer Tints. Just to know.) 

Some month ago I read this post and I thought it could be funny making some jelly nail polishes choosing the exactly shade I want. So I took a clear nail polish and I added some drops of crèmes (yellow, green, light blue, pink and violet). I shook them very carefully and with all my strenght (screaming out loud "By the power, honor, beauty of Grayskull!!"). I really love them, because a) I have the exactly colour I have in my mind and b) they are very chip, because the only thing I purchased was the clear nail polishes (from Kiko and debby).

Something gone wrong, because if OPI sheer Tints aren't visible over the black base, my Watercolours do. I don't know if I used them too soon (the day after I made them, 24 hours later!) or if something doesn't work on the formula, but there's some halo around my nails. Maybe I have used the top coat (KIKO strong Nails as Ere suggests me) too soon. I don't know why there's those halos, but I like them. They give a more watercoloured aspect to my nails, and I love it!

I made some vivid colours, ah ah! I really like the final result. Please, consider that in TRL my 90's fluo roses are not so vivid, but much more delicate (I must practice a lot with my new lights. I. Must.). Macros show us everything, and when I say everithing I mean everything. Even that things sleeping in the corner of the eye...
I hope you were not bored to see more roses on my blog!
Thanks for stopping and have a nice day!

Acque pacate e dolci risate finché non ci rincontreremo

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