[He Picks My Polish!] August: The Granny in the Flower Dress

Hi Ladies,
Today we have two posts on the menu. It's my parents anniversary, so I would try to make something to show them how happy I could be that they had met 40 years ago. Yup, you read weel: 40 years ago a boy with a blue eyes met a girl with long, blond hairs. And, some years after, I was born. 
And because I wanted to join the #HePicksMyPolish challenge too, I asked my husband to choose three nail polishes and that is what I do.

First of all, what exactly is the #HePicksMyPolish Challenge?
It's an idea of Alexandra @TheSparkleQueen. The Rules are very simple (and very clever indeed!), and you could read them in the box below.

I asked my beloved husband to fulfill this mission, and he picks three nail polishes from the untried's box.
(To cut long story short, I have two Helmers full of nail polishes, so he decided for the easiest - and nearest - solution: the untried's box)
The Nail polishes are:
(from left to right)
it style 52 Verde Bottiglione (it means "bottle green")
Color Club Abyss
Zoya Tallulah

 Honestly, I don't know why Zoya Tallulah was in the untried's box, because I had already swatched it here. Anyway, I have thought to replicate the dress my Granny wearing for my parents wedding ceremony. I don't have the photos to watch, because - of course - they are in my parents home. I just used my memory (ho,ho,ho,ho,ho!!) to updated the Flower Dress of my granny A. (she was my daddy's mum).She wore a dark blue silk dress, whit tiny lines (light blue, maybe?) and little roses. It was the 70's, baby... Or, al least, I could have mixed up my two grannies clothes. Frankly, I don't care. I have worked thinkin' to my granny, passed away 21 years ago. I'm sure she would like it (or I hope so).

it style is an italian brand I had almost forgotten in my memories. I bought this bottle three years ago, but I never used it before. It's a brand cheap like KIKO's range, but I don't know if it could be on the same page of Kiko's (in my humble opinion). Verde Bottiglione is a dark green crème. I used two coats for the perfect opacity, but I must say that the formula is quite gloppy.
I took a nail art stripper and I painted some vertical lines with Color Club Abyss, a wonderful blue-toned green crème. With my dotter I make some blue spots (Tallulah on stage, please!), and then I added a lighter swirl for a 3D effect (I could used a hint of white to make lighter a nail polish, could I?). A tiny layer of top coat, and this is it.

I had a very good time doing this nail art. It was SO funny, and very intriguing, because sometimes we look always at the same colors, or finishes, or brands. But if someone else picks the nail polishes you have to use, to create a manicure with them suddenly become a REAL challenge. With yourself. Time's up, my dears readers. Now, I'm going to see my challenge mates picks (as usual, you could find all the links below). I hope that you could like this manicure too, and I cannot wait until the next time! See you soon and, as usual, please forgive my spelling mistakes.
Have a nice Friday Night, and thank you for stopping by.

Acque pacate e dolci risate finché non ci rincontreremo

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